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Title: Forgiving By Forgetting

Pairing: Yunho/ Jaejoong; Broken!Siwon/Heechul

Rating: PG

Length: Drabble

Summary: "forgetting about us is the only way I can forgive you..."

A/N: please be lenient on me. This is my first time posting my own writing on LJ. I hope lots of people read and comment on my first try. I'm a bit nervous since I know there are some issues with my post and the drabble. I know the drabble had a lot of grammar errors and other things. At least you understand it right? Well, please enjoy and comment too~
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"Forgetting about us is the only way I can forgive you…"

I fell in love with a man and we loved each other.

I trusted him. I gave him my all and naively thought our love would last.


I found out it was not.

It was the day I lost everything, including myself.The tragic time of my life.

I was waiting for him outside his work for a surprise and I saw him...

With someone else....

He then kissed someone that wasn’t me but…… with someone I had thought was my best friend.

Hurt, I ran away with tears streaming my face.

He spotted me and tried to chase after me.

Five seconds...

the amount of time I have left to cross the street.


I turned and it was only a second later I realized my mistake.

I felt my body go light from the hard impact from the speeding car. I heard screams and the last vision I saw was my bloody limp hand and blurred faces.

For two years I was in a coma,

I remembered only the broken heart i received before i was sent in the coma, yet the memories before than of us together was lost.

I did not cry. I stayed strong. My heart did hurt though.
He visited me, a few days after I woke up, with that person.

The one he kissed that day..



"I’m...I’m so sorry!” He broke down and cried.
The other person looked guilty. He came to me and tried to touch my hand, but I jerked my hand away.

"Who… who are you?”

He seemed surprised.

"It… it’s me… your best friend Heechul…”

I shook my head.

"You're mistaken. I don’t have a friend name Heechul. ”

He cried and left the room.

Siwon left too.

But he came back four days later. Much of the annoyance from my brother, Junsu, who was beyond angry.

"Well look he turned up again... the two-timing asshole. Where's your backstabbing little bitch? The nerve you have to show up here with that tramp! Get out.." My furious brother yelled at him.

My friends also protected me from him.


I know he cheated on me. Yet, the pain no longer remained. I stopped the tears for him after waking up from my coma.

Two years was long enough to hold a grudge. I forgave him.

He cried again.

My last words were, “Forgetting about us is the only way I can forgive you. So please don't come see me anymore. We are now strangers.…"

Years have passed after that fateful day.

I never met that man again in those years.

But I met him by chance.

He was one of the business partner of the company I worked for.

I walked passed him. Knowing we should not have any connections to each other.

Through the years of my rehabilitation, I recovered some memories of us together. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t affected.

I held it in as much as I could, but my heart can not heal if I do not let it go.

After all…

He was my first in everything.

The first and last to break my heart…

But it did not weaken me. It made me stronger.

I will not let the past control my future.

He grabbed my wrist as I walked by him. I turned and stare right into his eyes.

His face had sunken, but he was still handsome as before.

"I broke up with Heechul......

Oh yes… Heechul.

I remembered even him.

I forgave him also, but in my heart, I still felt betrayed by someone who I had trusted since I was a preschooler.

I pulled my hand away.

"Siwon-ssi is there anything I can help you with?”

"I… I want you back… I still love you.”

I remained unfazed.


I know this voice.

A man behind Siwon approaches us. My stoic face broke into a wide smile. My eyes twinkled full of deep affection.


Jung Yunho the CEO of the company, grinned devilishly.

"Boo. You forgot your jacket.”

I smiled and turned to a shocked Siwon.

"I’m terribly sorry. I'm afraid I can not accept your offer Siwon-ssi.”

"Mrs Jung, the car is ready for you.” the driver suddenly appeared and announced.

I bowed and excused myself but paused to stare at my confused husband.

"Are you coming?

I waited in the car for him and a few seconds later, he got in.

"So what did Siwon-sii offered you?”

"Nothing I am appealed to. He noticed my extremely exceptional skills as a secretary to the succeful and might I say, difficult to please, Jung Yunho. So he wanted me to work for him. I turned it down. I love my job. Both as your beautiful wife and secretary."

I smiled.

He gently grabbed my hands and rubbed the silver band.

"Actually my dear, you have three but being my secretary will have to be put on hold. You are staying home for the next few months. Remember my dear wife?" He reminded me with his warm smile.

"That is right my husband~"”

He kissed my cheek before speaking to the driver, “Seoul OB/GYN Private Hospital, please....



I couldn't help but think I should've made this longer or into a story. Oh well~

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